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How much effort do you put into every tour to be organized? Especially during those months prior to the tour actually taking place. Dozens of browser tabs opened, hundreds of calls per day, weeks spent to find convenient flights and piece the whole puzzle together. Not the most exciting part of your job, is it?

We are committed to making the process easier than ever before. Check out our all-in-one solution to optimize your tour scheduling and event planning workflow.


Intelligent tour building system

The system will help you build cost-efficient tours of any complexity.

Global catalogue of promoters and venues

Ontourcloud will show you event promoters and venues ready to organize your performances in the destinations on your tour route.

Extra concert offers

Promoters and venues can send you concert offers within the system. Get offers to become foundation stones of your new tour or to fill gaps in already planned route.


Database of performers

You will gain access to global database of performers organized by types and genres of performance.

Artist booking cost calculation

There is an artist booking cost calculation tool within the system that will estimate how much inviting an artist to your event will cost.

Online artist booking

Send concert offers to performers and get replies within the system. Receive event management requests and festival applications from artists.


04/03/2016 ILMC, London
31/03/2016 TMW, Tallinn
04/06/2016 MIDEM, Cannes

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